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Slim Goodbody | Health Curriculum

Let Slim Goodbody help you teach your children (K-6) about good health. Build age and topic specific lesson plans in a snap!

Choose from hundreds of videos, activity sheets, fact pages, ebooks, songs, audio clips, and pre-built assessments. You'll be up and running within minutes.

Slim Goodbody | HealthCurriculum.org

Daily Almanac

Slim Goodbody | Daily Almanac

Stimulate K-6 students and support teaching objectives in social studies, language arts, health, science, math, civics, and character education.

Using music, archival visuals, original artwork, photos, and animation, the information is ideal for students!

Slim Goodbody | DailyAlmanac365.com

Free Downloads

Slim Goodbody | Free Downloads

Enter the K-8 Teacher & Parent Resource Directory where you will find games, coloring pages, blackline masters, quizzes and much more.

Click here for activity sheets, interesting information, songs, and even an ebook. A gift from Slim Goodbody to you.

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Slim Goodbody | Homeschool Resources

In addition to health, Slim has developed early reading and math programs to help your child learn.

The Math Monsters Series and The Story of Read-alee-Deed-Alee were developed in cooperation with internationally acclaimed educational associations.

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