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National Tour Dates

BodyologyILUniversity ParkGovenors State University(GSU) Center for Performing Arts04/25/189:55 AMPast ShowView
Lighten Up!ILUniversity ParkGovenors State University(GSU) Center for Performing Arts04/25/1811:40 AMPast ShowView
BodyologyILElginBlizzard Theatre @ Elgin Community College04/26/189:55 AMReserve Today!View
BodyologyILElginBlizzard Theatre @ Elgin Community College04/26/1811:40 AMReserve Today!View
BodyologyIAIowa CityEnglert Theater04/30/189:55 AMReserve Today!View
Lighten Up!IAIowa CityEnglert Theater04/30/1811:40 AMReserve Today!View
BodyologyMNHopkinsHopkins Center for the Arts Theater05/01/189:55 AMReserve Today!View
Lighten Up!MNHopkinsHopkins Center for the Arts Theater05/01/1811:40 AMReserve Today!View
BodyologyCOParkerPace Theater - Parker Center05/07/189:55 AMReserve Today!View
Lighten Up!COParkerPace Theater - Parker Center05/07/1811:40 AMReserve Today!View
BodyologyWISouth MilwaukeeSouth Milwaukee Performing Arts Center05/08/189:30 AMReserve Today!View
Lighten Up!WISouth MilwaukeeSouth Milwaukee Performing Arts Center05/08/1811:20 AMReserve Today!View
BodyologyNEOmahaWitherspoon Concert Hall at Joslyn Art Museum05/09/189:55 AMReserve Today!View
Lighten Up!NEOmahaWitherspoon Concert Hall at Joslyn Art Museum05/09/1811:40 AMReserve Today!View
BodyologyMOKansas CityFolly Theater05/10/189:55 AMReserve Today!View
Lighten Up!MOKansas CityFolly Theater05/10/1811:40 PMReserve Today!View
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