Special Note on Angelle Auditorium at the University of LA.

Venue:Angelle Auditorium at the University of LA
Location:Lafayette, LA
Date/Time:01/22/18 - 09:55 AM

The Note:

buses can only unload and reload in the front of the building. NO stopping on the side street (Girard Park/McKinley) as this blocks traffic. Buses may use either the pay lot across the street if space is available or go and park at Cajun Field for free and return for pickup at the end of the performance. Second and lster show buses should be warned NOT to be to early for drop off, as there is no room for them to unload until the previous shows audience has been picked up.(Conversely, drivers for all buses should be warned to line up before the end of the performance to facilitate pickup! theater staff does not greet buses